Doctrines Konko-kyo (the religion of the deity Konko daijin) is based on revelations concerning Konko Daijin, the true universal benevolent parent-God, previously much-feared as the directional deity Konjin. Konkokyo's teachings focus on the living of a happy life through the maintenance of a right relationship between the devotee and Konko Daijin. This is achieved by toritsugi or mediation, which is a process of conveying requests to the deity and delivering advice, carried out without interruption by the kyoshu (spiritual head) of Konkokyo since its inception.

History Kawate, Bunjiro (1814-1883) also known as Akazawa, Bunji was born into a farming family in Okayama, where the headquarters of Konkokyo is now located. He fell ill at the age of 40 and as a result of a vow to revere the deity Konjin began to receive communications from the deity, who revealed himself as the great god Konko (golden light). After his possession by Konko, Kawate was himself referred to as Konko Daijin. From 1859 Kawate gave up farming and devoted his life to transmitting the words of Konko Daijin through the mediation process called toritsugi. His autobiography appeared in 1874. After initial problems with the authorities, who viewed independent religious movements with suspicion, Konkokyo was recognised as a Shinto sect in 1900. It conformed broadly with state Shinto ideology up to 1945 and with the advent of freedom of religion the teachings of the movement were reformed to some extent. Smaller than Tenrikyo and more liberal in its attitude to other traditions including Shinto, Konkokyo has locally-organised branches throughout Japan. At each Konkokyo church toritsugi is available through the local mediator. The movement has some churches overseas as a result of missionary efforts, particularly in South and North America.

Symbols Konkokyo churches have both a Shinto-style altar dedicated to the ancestors of the worshippers and an altar to Konko Daijin. The mediator sits in a small ground-level booth to conduct toritsugi . The contemporary symbol of Konkokyo International shows a globe similar to a rising sun with rays of light issuing upwards from it.

Adherents Konkokyo has approximately 500,000 followers in 1500 churches. (Various sources)

Main Centre
 Konkokyo HQ, Konko, Okayama prefecture