RE-XS for Higher Education


Welcome to the Higher Education version of RE-XS. Like the Schools version it is part of the ELMAR (Electronic Media and Religions) initiative of the Division of Religion and Philosophy at the University of Cumbria.

It is designed as a Subject Gateway to electronic sources and resources for teaching and learning in the academic areas of Philosophy, Theology and Religion. For each of these areas, three main aspects are envisaged:

  • systematic classification and selection of a comprehensive range of world-wide websites covering this academic area

  • original material specially written and produced as an aid for students

  • access to a range of interactive networks and other facilities specially created to promote contact between those who share a common interest

The site is in process of development. Thus, as of July 1999 there is most to see in the Religion section, least on the Theology section. Within the Religion section, most of the original material can be found under the Encyclopaedia heading. Within both the Philosophy and the Religion sections, website selection and annotation is more complete on some aspects than others.

The scale of the whole site is massive. To view, please click on key headings, at the top of this page. Its building is cumulative and can only be enriched by collaboration. All comments and suggestions for additional links and ingredients are therefore most welcome, by e-mail as follows:

Philosophy Co-ordinator - Trevor Curnow
Religion Co-ordinator - Elliott Shaw
Project Director - Brian Gates

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