Philosophy Section
These philosophy pages have been compiled by Trevor Curnow of St Martinís College, Lancaster. The aim has been to provide a resource for the study of philosophy which is both substantial and selective.

The materials can be accessed through two main routes. First there is the Compendium of Philosophers. If you know the name you are looking for, that is the place to start. With over 1000 names it is also a good place to browse and a useful research tool.

Secondly, there is the Philosophy Front Page. There you will find a list of the areas of philosophy covered by this website. Click on the one you want to start searching.

All the links have been tested, but some resources move and some just disappear. If you find a link that fails to deliver, please let me know.

All resources are in English.

If your interest is in philosophy in a non-academic context, then you might want to take a look at The Society for Philosophy in Practice website, or The Philosophical Counselling Website for starters.

A recent addition to the site is a Book Reviews section.

If you have any comments or queries about these pages please contact Trevor Curnow